Friday, June 05, 2009

Superfruits Update

We've added "Exotic Superfruits of the World" to the BLV website and begin with one superfruit that will most likely be receiving a great deal of attention in the next few years: the Amla fruit.

Please note -- there are certain criteria we use before classing any fruit into the superfruit category at BLV:
Although many fruits have certain properties that may be good for certain ailments or conditions, in our definition... superfruits have exceptional properties, extremely high health promoting compounds which could help to fight certain diseases and ailments.*

However, we further believe to be called a SUPERFRUIT rigorous scientific evidence must be available on the health benefits to be gained from including the fruit in one's diet before we consider it for inclusion on this website.

Equally important, because much of the science for superfruits included here will be relatively new, the relative health benefits for each superfruit may change as further research becomes available.
Follow this link to find out "Why We Give Amla the Superfruit Status."

More on Superfruits coming soon!