Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Secret Journey of Food

Food, Inc. ...a new movie to be released in theaters June 12, 2009... pulls back the curtain to look behind the scenes and show you how food really goes from farm to fork.

The movie promises "You'll never look at dinner the same way again."

  • Did you ever wonder why Oprah was sued for once making a tiny disparaging remark about eating burgers?

  • What are the hidden costs that others pay for the cheap food we eat today?

  • Are food processors taking advantage of a major loophole in the law that could actually result in harm, even death, for some of us?

  • What are the two main crops that have wound their way into almost every facet of our food system -- even many of the products (like diapers, batteries, etc.) we use everyday?

  • How has genetic modification impacted the food industry... and potentially the health of millions?

In a brief interview, David Brancaccio from PBS spoke with filmmaker Robert Kenner, the director of "Food, Inc." In it, you will learn a bit more about the secretive and surprising journey food takes on the way from processing plants to our dinner tables.

Watch: "Behind the food we love -- Secrets that giant food companies don't want you to know." [link]

If you've already read the long article we've put together -- You Are What You Eat? Well, Maybe... -- then you just might have a stronger desire to watch the movie.

You know what happens after you ingest it. Watch the movie to discover more about what you are ingesting. [link to movie website]