Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sugar Prices On The Rise!

Sugar prices in China have soared since November last year after a drought in one of the main producing regions, Guangxi province, halved the sugar cane crop.

The current price for standard grade sugar in the southern regions is RMB4960 (€515) per ton compared to about RMB2000 per ton during the same period last year.

In our home, we've been experimenting with sugar substitutes and have finally found one that is both healthy -- and delicious -- called Blue Agave, an organic nectar from a plant called agave tequilana.

The good news is, it's sweeter than sugar, so when used in baking, cooking and/or beverages, I only need to use half the amount. For example, in most baking recipes 1 cup of sugar can be replaced by 1/2 a cup of Blue Agave.

The bad news is the price. But with the draught, and the soil erosion problems happening in China and elsewhere around the world, the playing field in this market may be levelling out.

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