Thursday, March 16, 2006

Alarming Comparisons In The Food We Eat

If you typically eat well-balanced meals and yet for some reason you haven't been feeling quite as healthy as you once did, it's possible the source of the problem could stem from the actual produce itself.

Some researchers are concerned about the dilution effect, which they claim is becoming a "significant problem" in our nations today.


Fruits and Vegetables: "Recent studies of vegetables, fruits and wheat have revealed a 5 to 35 percent decline in concentrations of some vitamins, minerals and protein over the last half-century, according to scientist Donald Davis, a biochemist at the University of Texas."

Meats And Dairy: "The iron content in 15 different varieties of meat has decreased on average by 47 percent, with some products showing a fall as high as 80 per cent, while the iron content of milk has dropped by over 60 per cent. Additionally, magnesium levels have typically fallen by 10 per cent while copper levels have fallen by 60 per cent. Both magnesium and copper are essential for enzyme functioning. This information is according to a comparison of government nutritional tables published in the UK in 1940, and again in 2002 ...research completed by independent rsearcher and primary healthcare practitioner, Dr. David Thomas."

It's no secret that food production has changed dramatically over the past century. But at what cost to our food supply and the nutrients we derive from it that are essential for life?

BLV Health Watch is currently working on a Special Report regarding the dilution effect. In the course of our own research into the topic, we've uncovered some astonishing facts. Stay tuned!