Friday, September 02, 2005

Health Risks Lurking After Katrina Disaster

Hurricane Katrina Disaster - New OrleansWhat outbreaks of communicable disease could occur in the wake of hurricane Katrina? A plethora of health concerns have been raised following the hurricane Katrina disaster, including injuries, outbreaks of disease spread through sewage contamination of drinking water, spoiled food, insects, and bites from snakes and other animals.

New Orleans in particular is "a potentially toxic bathtub" as described by one Associated Press article.

If you are wondering about:

- Risks Of Rare and Deadly Exotic Diseases
- Water Health Risks In The Wake Of Katrina
- Food Health Risks Following The Katrina Disaster
- Other Health Risks Attributed To Hurricane Katrina
- What Types Of Communicable Disease Outbreaks Could Occur?

The above issues are covered and more in our latest article: "Health Risks Lurking After Katrina Disaster"

To assist with Katrina Disaster Relief, here is a link to reputable charities in urgent need of support.