Tuesday, September 06, 2005

He Who Controls The Food Supply, Controls The Earth?

Gravity existed before Newton "discovered" it and the Earth revolved around the sun for hundreds of thousands of years before Galileo.

And plants on our tiny blue planet 3rd from the sun have existed for... well, that would depend on which theory of "existance" you subscribe to... but certainly it's somewhere near the beginning of life on our planet, right?

Then it makes enquiring minds like mine wonder why, in recent years, certain companies have been acting like they invented the process of growing plants.

The investigations I've been doing to uncover who owns what in the food supply chain has all the ingredients of a fiction thriller novel ...filled with conspiracy theories, hype, half-truths, lies, and even bribery.

You don't want to miss this first article in a serious of articles:

Who Controls The Food Supply, Controls The Earth?

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