Friday, June 03, 2005

They Laughed When They First Heard About Soy...

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They Laughed When They Heard About Soy Protiens 9 Years Ago But They're Certainly Not Laughing Now!

A little over 9 years ago when Dr. Earl Mindell first talked about the amazing benefits of Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) soybeans, some experts actually laughed at the idea that soy could be as beneficial to the human body as he claimed.

They're not laughing now. In fact, news of the benefits of soy have swept across our nation and stepped from the supplement arena fully into the mainstream.

And not just our nation recognizes its value...

Soy proteins, traditionally formulated in rival products to dairy-based foods, are now being added to regular yoghurts to reach mainstream consumers in France.

Leading yoghurt brand Yoplait introduced its Bioplait yoghurt to the French market, its first, during April and it is now available in most French multiples.
It came at the same time as Danone rolled out its Bio Soya, already available in Spain for two years, in its home market.

But the Yoplait product is the first in France to combine soy and dairy proteins, offering benefits to both sectors. The yoghurt brand can make additional health claims on the product – Bioplait markets the cholesterol-lowering effect of soy and overall benefit for the heart on product packaging and TV advertising – while the soy protein supplier Solae, whose brand also features on the product, reaches a wider consumer base than the dedicated health food buyer.

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Why do we use Non-GMO soybeans?

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My message to those so-called experts who laughed in the past: "It must be pretty hard to eat crow with egg on your face."

By the way, neither the crow nor the egg will give you the same benefits our
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Keep smiling!!