Thursday, April 21, 2005

In A Nutshell, The Recent Ephedra Lawsuit

What's up with ephedra? Or should we ask, what's up with ephedrine alkaloids? A court case in Utah last week may have some people confused regarding what's going on with the ban on ephedrine-alkaloid supplements.

In a nutshell, according to one report here's what happened:

Nutraceutical Corporation (a supplement manufacturer that once offered an ephedrine product) filed a suit alleging that the FDA had not proved that low doses of ephedrine-alkyloid supplements were dangerous.

Judge Tena Campbell of the US District Court of Utah agreed, stating that the agency had not met the standard for banning low doses of ephedrine-alkyloids (under 10 mg).

Judge Campbell ordered the FDA to conduct a study that would determine dose-dependent toxicology so the ban of ephedrine alkyloid supplements can be set at a proven toxic level.

A spokesperson for the Nutraceutical Corporation stated that the FDA ban had been overturned.

But an FDA spokesperson stated that the ban is still in effect for higher doses (above 10 mg) of ephedrine products and added that the agency is considering its options "with respect to next steps."

What does that mean? We'll have to wait for the FDA to figure that out and get back to us.

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Meanwhile, stay safe and be well!