Monday, April 25, 2005

BLV Health Watch - Fun Facts

This past month has been filled with fun facts on health and nutrition at Best Liquid Vitamins. If you haven't had a chance to read our latest news online, here's a quick look at some headlines:

- Fun Facts: What Is ...arachis hypogaea?

- Fun Facts: Secret To Better Popping Pocorn Revealed

- Nutrition In Space - A New Outlook On Functional Foods

- Good health might begin in the womb...

- Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

Plus, here's a snapshot some of our recent feature articles:

- Obesity Numbers On The Rise In China

- In A Nutshell, The Recent Ephedra Lawsuit

- Reduced Sugar Cereals Not As Great As They Claim

For all these stories and more, be sure to check out the latest online edition of BLV Health Watch at:

Special Note: We're going to be going through some exciting site changes soon. New graphics, new content, and a great new look. We'll also be changing providers for our bi-weekly newsletter... great news for AOL users who haven't been able to subscribe. (Sorry for the inconvenience. We apologize!)

Stay tuned to BLV: