Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coca-Cola trade secrets stolen?

Apparently 3 people have been arrested in the USA for stealing top secret documents from Coca-Cola and attempting to sell them to its arch-rival, PepsiCo.
PepsiCo said it alerted Coca-Cola after it received an e-mail from a man calling himself ‘Dirk', offering “very detailed and confidential information” that only a few top Coca-Cola executives had seen. (see full story here)
An FBI "sting operation" was set up using video surveilance cameras, and sure enough... there was an actual theft attempt. An undercover agent concluded the transaction for some files and a sample of what Coca-Cola confirmed was a new product under development. After the "sale" the 3 people involved were rounded up and put under lock and key.

As if the soda pop industry doesn't have enough trouble on their hands, what with the benzene thing, and the "no pop in schools" push on, now they have to watch out for industrial espionage, too?