Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bad Luck for Soft Drinks Firms

New benzene lawsuits, in addition to those we mentioned in our previous benzene article, have been filed against soft drinks firms alleging their drinks were contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical benzene above America's legal limit for drinking water.

And now... a new report comes out of Japan.

Coca-Cola began recalling more than 500,000 bottles of soft drinks in Japan on Monday, after drinks were found contaminated with iron powder.

Add to this the recent push to get junk food out of schools, and you might agree that soft drinks firms are facing a LOT of bad luck lately.

BUT, is it luck? ...or is it an example of Industry Giants' close relationships with Government bodies and lawmakers that has bred a certain lack of attention and/or concern towards the affects their products may have on public health?

Has it given Manufacturers (and their related lobby groups) a false sense of security in that they may not be taken to task for their manufacturing processes and/or products?

When you consider that 15 years ago the benzene situation was discovered and discussed by the FDA ...and an agreement made with Industry to deal with the problem/s instead of the FDA making the situation public and/or putting safety precautions and legislation in place to prevent the problem in future makes me nervous to even think of the National Uniformity for Food Act being placed under their care.