Thursday, April 06, 2006

World's Largest Food Companies Not Serious About Our Health?

25 of the world's largest food companies are not taking health seriously enough, according to a new report titled "The Food Industry, Diet, Physical Activity and Health: a Review of Reported Commitments and Practice of 25 of the world’s Largest Food Companies" published by the Centre for Food Policy, City University in the UK is available on their website.

"The research is the first attempt to monitor whether and how these powerful companies are reporting on their impact on diet and health. We set out to shine a light on what these mostly publicly quoted companies are doing, or report they are doing. Our findings are worrying. There is a pretty poor overall picture, with too many companies appearing not to care a jot," conclude the City team. "The smallest company we investigated had a turnover five times that of the World Health Organization's entire annual budget, so they cannot use lack of resources as an excuse."

Retailers, who often present themselves as the consumer’s friend, in fact came out worst performing sector, according to the report.

The 80 page report from The City University also praises outside "unpaid watchdogs" for their efforts, indicating their efforts appear to be the most effective in facilitating positive changes in the food industry, particularly with regard to some changes made by giants in the industry.

Read the press release and find a link to the report at the London City University website here: