Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Are We Unintentionally Killing Our Kids With Fluoride?

Fluoride in tap water can cause bone cancer in boys, a disturbing new study indicates, although there is no evidence yet of a link for girls.

New American research suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma - bone cancer - between the ages of 10 and 19.

The recent Associated Press Release on the subject points out that about 10 per cent of the UK population, six million people, receive fluoridated water, mainly in the Midlands and north-east, and the government plans to extend this, with Manchester expected to be next.

About 170 million Americans live in areas with fluoridated water.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway , Switzerland, West Germany, Netherlands and Italy have all banned the addition of hydrofluorosilic acid to drinking water. So have Japan and India, where fluoride occurs naturally and skeletal fluorosis (thickening of bones) is prevalent.

The increased cancer risks, identified in the newly available study conducted at the Harvard School of Dental Health, were found at fluoride exposure levels common in both the US and Britain. It was the first examination of the link between exposure to the chemical at the critical period of a child's development and the age of onset of bone cancer.

Although osteosarcoma is rare, accounting for only about 3 per cent of childhood cancers, it is especially dangerous. The mortality rate in the first five years is about 50 per cent, and nearly all survivors have limbs amputated, usually legs...

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Our son who just reached 5-years-old last week, is not allowed to use fluoridated tooth paste. He is allowed to use Dr. Mindell's toothpaste, or a children's toothpaste from another company we are affiliated with --- made from all-natural ingredients neither of which contain ANY harmful chemicals such as fluoride. Plus we live in an area without public water. Our water comes from our own well and we also use a purifyer for our drinking water.